Dine Out or Stay In


A little counting goes a long way.

Dining out at restaurants or eating home prepared meals doesn't have to make weight loss difficult. There are several user-friendly websites that can help you track your daily caloric intake and activities.

There are a numerous sites to help individuals count calories, track daily activities (calorie expenses), and review their daily nutrional intake. The sites host a database of 1,000s of foods so users can quickly identify foods they've consumed and add them to their daily food journal. If a food isn't listed, the user is able to input the nutrional information for that food and save it for future use. Most have online forums where users can talk to others, which is a great way to support ongoing participation in weight loss. Almost all of the sites now tout easy to use web programs for home or iPhone or Android apps.

If you choose this route for your weight loss, we will assign a login for the sight chosen so that physicians and staff can monitor the calorie totals consumed each week. This way our staff can really help keep you on track to meet your goals.

Calorie Counter
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