Food Cost Savings


Eating healthy saves money.

There's been a lot of confusion when it comes to the cost of eating healthy vs. unhealthy foods. Dispelling the cost myth will help you understand that eating low calorie foods is better for both your health and your budget.

First, let's talk cost-per-calorie. A previous, well-regarded study has reported that low-calorie foods cost more per calorie than high-calorie foods, but that doesn't take into account the fact that most Americans consume a mix of both low and high calorie foods. According to the lead author of the study, Americans on average spend $7.00 per day on 2,000 calories of food. As you can see in the table below, if a person eating a mixed diet of over 2,500 calories reduces their intake to 1,500, there will be an aproximate savings of $105.00 per month.

Calories Per Day Cost Per Month








That's a 40% savings!! But the news gets even better. Newer studies have been done that further analyze the cost of food and these use other metrics, such as cost-per-portion and cost-per-edible weight. These studies confirm that both in cost-per-portion and cost-per-edible weight, eating low-calorie food IS in fact cheaper than eating high-calorie food. One of the reasons is because it takes fewer low-calorie foods by weight to feel full than with high-calorie foods. This means you can eat MORE low-calorie food, feel fuller, save money, and STILL lose weight. Even the First Lady has lauded this study and has promoted it along with her Let's Move! initiative.

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