How It Works


The Care Club Lite program provides it all.

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Care Club Lite is a patient program management service intended to expand your treatment and patient outreach. The Care Club Lite system is designed to provide an increase in care while not demanding an increase in workforce or time investments.


Quality Programs

Care Club Lite will provide you and your patient with information on effective weight loss systems, and you will assist your patient in choosing the nutritional system or food service that will work best for their needs.

Quality Marketing

Care Club Lite will provide you with online marketing, customer feedback, and in-office materials so your time can be better spent caring for patients.

Quality Support

After a patient has joined the program, they can visit the Care Club Lite website and obtain valuable information about matters of diet, exercise, health, and calorie management. We'll even handle follow up progress calls and field patient questions so that your staff isn't burdened by the increase in call traffic.

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